Campaign period:
Buy-back is an annual Nolia Shop & Academy brand campaign. In 2023, the period is between 15 and 25 September.
Who can benefit from the campaign offer?
The campaign is valid for all technicians in Romania and all European countries with the mention that in Romania the cost of returning old products is supported by Nolia Beauty, and in Europe, this cost is entirely paid by the customer. The customer is also responsible for shipping old products to Nolia Beauty SRL, CUZA VODA 23, ORADEA, Bihor, postal code 410097, phone 0753504472. Packages with old products will be shipped immediately after receiving the products ordered during the campaign.

Campaign mechanism:
The campaign has an extremely simple mechanism from an organizational point of view.
The customer interested in the campaign must send a private message on our Facebook page, accessing the link:
The message will provide all the details of the campaign regarding the accepted products,
the products included in the campaign as well as the percentage of the discounts related to the number of products offered in exchange.


The purchased products may be more than those delivered. They cannot be less, but we do not limit the number of products purchased on

The number of old products offered in the buy-back campaign by the customer must be identical to the number of selected products on

For example:
If the customer wants to change 25 old products (color gels, construction gels, base, or tops), he must send a message to the link shown above, at the end of the automatic message received from us the customer must send a photo with the products offered in exchange.
A Nolia Beauty operator will respond by a message regarding the valid discount for the respective products, in the case presented the discount is 25%. Once the customer agrees, she will provide details such as an email to generate her unique discount code. The discount code already contains some rules such as: the minimum number of products for which it works. The product category created for the Buy-Back campaign contains Gellack products, Rubber bases, Tops, High Cover Color Gels, Builder Gels and Design Gels.
In order to generate a discount code, the customer must have an account on the site where he intends to make the purchase on and be logged in when placing the order, otherwise the discount code is not functional.
Immediately after placing the order, the colleagues from the parcels will carefully pack the order.
Upon the arrival of the package with the old products, colleagues will check that the old products are in accordance with the regulations.

Discount scale:
25 products - DISCOUNT 25%    |    50 products - DISCOUNT 30%    |   75 products - DISCOUNT 40%    |   100 products - DISCOUNT 50%
* The purchased products may be more than those delivered. They cannot be less, but we do not limit the number of products purchased on
For example: if you send 25 products for exchange, the minimum order will be 25 new Nolia products.

Products accepted in exchange:
Any product such as color gel, construction gel, semi-permanent nail polish, base, or top is accepted regardless of brand or weight.
The packaging must contain at least 30% product, be clean, free of dust or spilled gel. In case of non-compliance with the conditions, Nolia Beauty may request the cancellation of the exchange of products.
Please do not send empty or almost empty packaging or severely damaged containers. Cracked or chipped lids are accepted but broken containers are not accepted in any form.
Attention, a maximum of 3 identical products can be purchased. All the details about this campaign are created by Nolia Beauty SRL.

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