Design Gels

This collection includes  all types of design gels or gel polishes:

1. Elastic - Pure and glitter colors for creating special nail art, very elastic and thin thread-like applying.

2. Creme - Thick, very pigmented painting gels, suitable for all types of painting, ombre or simply design techniques, need to be applied in a very thin layer, it has a sticky layer

3. Pasta - Fluffy consistency, highly pigmented, ideal for 3D, wedding style, lace, and baroque design, cures in 1 mm high layers.

4. Lace - Thick consistency, doesn't have a sticky layer, suitable for all kinds of painting over the topcoat.

5. Plasteline - 4D sugar paste consistency, can be molded on a flat surface, on the nail or even between fingers.

6. Blossom - blossom-like effect clear gel, can be used with any colors

7. Reptile Effect - It's a design gel with a reptile effect. It is polymerized also in a thick layer and does not present a sticky layer after polymerization, its effect is not a glossy one but rather semi-matte.

8. Jewel Gel - Jewel Gel is a gel with a high viscosity paste, ideal for creating 3D elements, liquid stones or even for highlighting stamping. 

9. Training Gel - UV gel with lamp drying for practicing extreme shapes. At the end of the work, the whole nail will be extremely easy to remove from the nail plate without the need to file it.

10. Gypsum Gel - Color gel with a consistency of a fluffy paste, with particles that gives a sandy/ textured look. Ideal for embossed and surface details painting, and doesn’t have a sticky layer after curing.