Design Gels

Collection: Design Gels

 Design gels or semi-permanent nail polishes are included in this collection:

  1. Elastic - Full, elastic, glittery colours for special nailart designs, applied in a fine, thin thread.
  2. Creme - Thick, highly pigmented gels, used in paintings, ombre, simple design techniques, applied in very thin layers. It has a dispersion layer.
  3. Pasta - Highly pigmented, fluffy, ideal for brides, 3D models, baroque, polymerized in 1 mm thick layers.
  4. Lace – Thick consistency, without dispersion, suitable for painting techniques over Gel Top.
  5. Plasteline - 4D, the consistency of sugar paste, modelled on a flat surface, on the nail or between the fingers.
  6. Blossom - Gel Top with blooming effect, can be used with any colors.
  7. Reptile Effect - Polymerized in a thick layer, without sticky layer after polymerization, semi matte.
  8. Jewel Gel - Similar to paste, high viscosity, used for 3D models, liquid stones, stamping highlights.
  9. Training Gel - Extreme shapes, dries in the lamp. At the end the nail is easily removed from the nail plate without the need to file it.
  10. Gypsum Gel - Color, like a fluffy paste with sandy/textured particles. Embossed paintings, surface details, no sticky coating.


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