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Primer - acid free 10ml

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    Viscosity ★✰✰

    Opacity ✰✰✰

    Product description:

    • air dries in 60 sec
    • it is applied after firstly prepping the natural nail, in a very thin layer without touching the skin
    • acts as a double-sided adhesive, firstly it adheres to the nail plate and then to the product applied onto it
    • After drying the nail looks shiny and has a sticky layer
    • Universal solution, suitable for both normal and for nails with adhesion problems (grease nails, sweaty hands, etc.).

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    1. Primer
    2. Cleaner
    3. Remover
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    Primer - acid free 10ml  - Nail Care - 1

    Create durable manicures with the acid-free primer

    The 10ml Acid-Free Primer is an essential product in the process of preparing nails for manicure, offering significant advantages. Being acid-free, this primer is gentler on nails and cuticles, reducing the risk of irritation or drying of the natural nail. This makes it ideal for clients with sensitive or damaged nails.




    Why choose Acid Free Primer- 10ml?

    Double adhesive

    The 10ml Acid-Free Primer works as a double adhesive, being a crucial step in the process of preparing the nails for the application of manicure products. Initially, this primer adheres to the nail plate, creating an ideal surface for the product applied over it – be it gel, acrylic or semi-permanent nail polish – to bond firmly. This "double-stick" property provides a stable and even base, improving adhesion and preventing the nail product from peeling or peeling.

    Glossy appearance after application

    After applying and drying, the 10ml Acid-Free primer, the nail will have a glossy appearance and a sticky layer. This sticky layer is not a sign of incorrect application, but rather an intentional feature of the product, which plays a crucial role in the manicure process. The adhesive layer serves as an effective binder between the natural nail and the product applied afterwards, such as gel or semi-permanent nail polish. It ensures that the manicure product will adhere firmly and evenly to the surface of the nail, contributing to the durability and stability of the manicure.

    Suitable for all types of nails

    Acid-Free Primer 10ml is a universal solution, designed to be suitable for both normal nails and those with specific adhesion problems, such as oily nails or situations where the hands sweat profusely. It provides an excellent base for the subsequent application of manicure products, regardless of the specific conditions of the nail.

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