About US

Why Nolia?

Where do the best professional nail products originate from? Nail companies? Labs? Experts? We at Nolia strongly believe that the best products are those inspired by the community, by the amazing nail specialists who make sure that their clients are content day in and day out. Women who go to have a manicure don’t do it only to get the perfect nails, but to feel better and truly beautiful. What happens when manicurists do NOT receive the appreciation and support they deserve? Their clients receive nail services, but not the complete manicure experience.

Plenty of nail product companies do not understand the growth needs of their clients. They just sell the product, as if nail technicians work on a "production line" rather than on a job that requires a lot of finesse and attention to detail. We wanted to do things differently. That’s why we built Nolia, a community-inspired brand, which puts the needs of the manicurist at the forefront of its business, from the products on offer to the development opportunities available to each and every specialist. ”We Are There For Our Clients” is not just a slogan for us, but the standard for each and every product and service introduced on the market by Nolia.

Go to our official site and enter the Shop area, where you will find innovative, tested and efficient products to help you with your daily work. This will soon be supplemented by an Academy area, where we will make available the resources necessary for your growth both as a nail technician and a professional who needs to permanently develop their business. This way, Nolia is there to help the community overcome any outdated ideas some might have about being a manicurist, redefine manicure in a positive way, and help each specialist offer their clients the complete well-being experience.


About the company

Nolia is the brainchild of Heléna Fakó, who was a successful manicurist at the time. After trying every possible product, Helena realized that very few of the solutions on the market took into account what the technicians who used these products had to say. Helena started a long process aimed at finding the right products and providers who could fulfill a very demanding benchmark: “innovative and high-quality products and services for the most special professional community, manicurists”.

This is how Nolia was born in 2014 in Transylvania, and shortly Helena’s dream became a reality, with the brand going beyond the country’s borders, and thousands of clients using its products, with the help of a dedicated team with tens of years of experience. The brand has been built around the “Shop&Academy” concept. The Shop on our website is dedicated to professional nail solutions, each product reaching the coveted “final product” status only after it undergoes a complex process of analysis, testing, and is validated by the community. Nolia Academy is the physical learning space, soon to be developed online, allowing access to both professional training courses and to resources for those looking for broader skills development.

Permanently focused on providing only the best in professional manicure products and developing the best training tools for the community, Nolia is there for you with the most special partnership: built by manicurists, for manicurists. We are doing it so that at the end of the day, the feeling you get is always the same: "I use Nolia because it suits me best".